We have our new Summer Menu available! We have dishes to suit the whole spectrum of a good-old British Summer, so why not come join us for a delicious meal?

We are a family-friendly pub, as well as dog-friendly, so we provide a separate menu for the little ones

We do a delicious Sunday Lunch which is served 12:00 – 16:00. Here is an example of our Sunday Menu, with the prices non-changing and a selection of meats always available
Please Note: Dishes do vary week to week so what is shown may not be available

We also provide take away for those nights when cooking is just too much effort

We then have a Bar Menu for when you’ve had a glass (or two) and need something to soak it all up

We have Lunchtime Specials everyday, here is an example of the sort of lunchtime food we offer
Please note: This menu does change fairly regularly and these options are not guaranteed

We also provide a Sandwich Menu at Lunchtimes

We also have a range of wine for you choose from

Wine List